How To Build Solid Family Relationships

.  .   .  one family, held in the gospel of love  .  .  .  .

Who is this one family?  What does it mean to be held in the gospel of love?  Is this a

place every person can expect to reach, or is this a fantasy?

The answers to these questions are at the root of family relationships–relationships that separate a mother from daughter, father from son, and pit one sibling against another.  Such relationships have existed since biblical times.  They are evident in the “Cain slew Abel” and ” Jacob and Esau stolen birthright” stories.  Human resistance to peace, harmony and love is the nature of mortal thinking.  It focuses on self-love, self-righteousness and self-aggrandizement.

This article will:

  1. Disclose the identity of one family.
  2. Explain what it means to be held in the gospel of love, and
  3. List key factors that establish lasting family relationships.

The word “family” suggests commonality, sameness, or cohesiveness. defines family as “a fundamental social group in society, typically consisting of one or two parents and their children; a group of persons sharing a common ancestry; two or more people who share goals and values, have long-term commitments to one another and reside usually in the same dwelling place.”   As I read each one, I applied the same question, “What does this definition have that keeps one member of the family from saying or doing things to harm another?”  The answer?  Nothing. If you think I am wrong, ask yourself, ” Has the fact that my sibling(s) and I have the same parents, have common goals and values, live or lived in the same house and have long-term commitments, maintained harmony in my our family? ”  I applaud you if you can answer Yes.

The Perfect  Man

How is a perfect family defined?  What does a perfect family do?  For answers, I went to Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures and found that the author, Mary Baker Eddy, says, ” Immortals, or God’s children in divine Science , are one harmonious family; but mortals or the “children of men” in material sense, are discordant and oftentimes false brethren”(p.444).   Key phrases  to understanding this statement are divine Science and in material sense. If you don’t know what these mean, the statement has no validity.

Divine Science refers to “demonstration of divine Law.”  An example of a divine law is “‘unconditional love”– love that remains love under all conditions and situations.  An example could be:  The male teenager next door raped your six-year-old daughter .  .  .  do you still love him?  Yes!  I hear you.  You are thinking, “That woman is crazy.”  Let’s slow down a bit.  There is a difference between loving the act committed by the teenager and loving the teenager!  The act is despicable!  You say, “But the teenager did it!  How can I love him?”  You love him by changing the identity of him in your thoughts.

Let’s look at him again with a higher level of thought.  There is only one creator, and that Creator is God.  All that God created is good.  If this is true, the teenager has to be good.  If he is good, he could not have committed such an act.  Ifhe didn’t, who did? Looking at the other key phrase, “material sense,” we can identify the person as a mortal, or one who belongs in the category of “children of men.”  Children of men have no real existence (according to the laws of God) because they have no creator.  God is the sole Creator and all that He made is good.  So, who is this person?  He is a false sense of man–a counterfeit of the perfect man.  You have a choice of holding  the false sense in thought, and feeling hate and pain, or latching on to the perfect man, and feeling goodness and mercy.  Which one makes you feel better?  You decide.  If you decide to hate, does the hate change the human sense of things?  Does the act disappear?  No!  So what do you do?

God’s Power

You use everything in your power to see the perfect man–not for the rapist, but for yourself  .  .  . and your daughter.   Why do you do this?  Because it activates the presence and power of God!  Holding in thought the man who is kind, loving, pure–one who would never hurt anyone, begins to free you from the “I would like to kill him” mentality and generate harmony in your life.  You must get there!  Is it easy?  No! No! No! You get there anyway!  Put it in the hands of God, and you will be surprised how everything falls into place.  Mercy and justice, even when divine, are not blind.  Acknowledgement of divine truth, eliminates human error.

Being able to separate God’s children from children of men, will bring healing in your life.  This is the power of divine Law.  Not only does it bring justice, it also brings mercy.  The two work together.  This is the message that Jesus brought to all mankind.  Love is  merciful and unconditional  .  .  .  but it is also corrective.  No power is greater than divine power!

The Perfect Family

Once every man is identified as a child of God, attaining a perfect family becomes easy, because there is no room for imperfection in perfection.  Therefore, if one sees every family member as perfect, immortal, all activity by that family has to be harmonious, as Mary Baker Eddy says in her statement above.  It is only when man is viewed as mortal or children of men, that disharmony prevails.  “Held in the gospel of love,” is the last part of the statement.  The “gospels” are usually referred to as the teachings of Jesus, and the foundation of his teachings is love.  Therefore, at all times and in all situations, we must keep one word in thought–love.  True love precludes any semblance of discord or imperfection.

Key Factors That Determine True Family Relations

Strive to accomplice each one in the order listed:

  1. Recognize that all members have one Parent–Father/Mother God.
  2. Discover the true identity of each member.  It may be the opposite of what your senses are telling you.
  3. Strive to see each member as a child of God.
  4. Demonstrate love, patience and understanding, even if it is not shown toward you.
  5. Determine if the character traits you are exhibiting, match divine character traits, if not, make the adjustment.
  6. Correct negative and destructive criticism.
  7. Respect individual differences.
  8. Be honest, even when it hurts.
  9. Listen to each other with FULL attention.
  10. Show appreciation, love and support.

If you are successful in achieving the key factors above, you are well on your way to demonstrating harmonious relationships.  It is essential to point out that you are only responsible for demonstrating these for yourself .  .  .  and not the next person. Self-love, self-righteousness and self-justification, have no place in this demonstration.

Building solid family relationships can seem like a daunting process, if you leave out “One God, one family, held in the gospel of love.”  These set the stage for true growth and true demonstration.

If you found this information helpful, feel free to pass it along to a family member.

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Sheri Wilcox Shares ShopToEarth Emu-Eeze Story

Sheri Wilcox Shares ShopToEarth Emu-Eeze Story.

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Where Is the War That Mankind Is Fighting?

Scenic001 Looking at this peaceful scene ,  it is easy to believe that war does not exist.  Yet it reigns throughout the world, including America.  There is the war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Africa and many other unnamed locations.

Today the war in America is Fort Hood, Texas.  I awoke to scenes from yesterday’s  massacre of people who started the day loving their families, doing assigned jobs, and planning for the week-end.  Thirteen of those people will never see it.  Why?  I am sure this question has been asked many times by the mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, wives, husbands and children of those shot down in yet again, another senseless act of violence.  How does one protect himself from such acts?  The answer lies in the understanding of one’s view of safety.

Before approaching the meaning of safety, I would like to express my deepest sympathy for those individuals who lost a loved one, those suffering from physical injuries, and those trying to heal emotional scars from  this experience.  No human words can touch the depth of your pain.  Also, to the family of the young man who believed destruction was the answer to his pain, our thoughts include you.

Before answering the question “How can we protect ourselves from such acts of violence?” one needs to discover the source of such violence.  Thus, I go back to my initial question: Where is the war that mankind is fighting?  It is within himself.  Is this what Jesus  meant when he stated emphatically that “the kingdom of God is within you” (Luke 17:21)?  No!  How does this kingdom differ from what was going on inside of the man who held the gun that snuffed out the lives of 13 people, and the kingdom Jesus spoke of?  The kingdom that Jesus spoke of is harmony, peace, tranquility–a state of thought untouched by earthly thoughts, values and actions.  It’s a consciousness “at one with God.”  There is no anger, bitterness, violence or mental agony–only goodness and love.  Picking up a gun and firing it in the face of an individual, will never enter this level of thought.  Whereas the level of thought experienced by the gunman, was self-motivated, self-directed and self-initiated.  His only thought was how he felt–what he wanted, what someone said or did to him.  Everything was all about him!  Here was a man whose job was to help others clarify their thoughts, and he did not have a clue as to how it should be done.  The human mind has no answers, and until the world acknowledges this,  these acts will continue.  The only mind is “the mind of the Lord.”   One reaches the mind of the Lord by focusing on thoughts that align themselves with something outside of human logic.  I call it God.  You can call it what you choose, but it must be elevated above human thinking!  “Me-ism” rules the world of human thought, but spirituality rules the consciousness of divine thought.  I recognize that their are those who do not believe in anything outside of humanity.  I say to you, “Let God be your Judge.”

How does one protect himself from such acts of violence?  I yield to the level of David’s thinking in Psalms 91: 9-11).  “Because thou hast made the Lord, which is my refuge, even the most High, thy habitation;  There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling,  For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.”    Each morning before I start the day, I enter this “habitation” mentally.  By so doing, I know that I am protected by love, not confusion, and if for some reason, my human life is taken, I will be moved to a higher level of existence.  This knowledge gives me a sense of peace.

The war within mankind begins with “self”–weeding out the seven cardinal sins: lust, greed, pride, gluttony, envy, sloth,and wrath.  When he does this, the war inside will cease, because it is replaced with “the kingdom of heaven.”

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A Radio Interview with Author Mamie Smith

Mamie Smith talks about her book The Unfolding of a Rose

MamieSmithCover Mamie-Smith/2009/11/01/Mamie-Smith-author-of-The-Unfolding-of-a-Rose

The book can be seen at:

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Getting My Hair Done at J.C. Penny Hair Salon

Do you get your hair done at a J.C. Penney Hair Salon?  I did until last night.

Here’s the deal:  Two weeks ago I went to my stylist, got the same basic style which the price list says cost $26.00, a conditioner that cost $15.00 with an added trim that cost $14.00.  Instead of costing $55.00, I was charged $69.00.  I called my stylist and was told an adjustment would be made at my next visit.  However, when I arrived, I was told that I did not have an appointment.  When asked why, the receptionist had no idea.  I went to my stylist and SHE did not know why.  The next day I called the manager, explained the situation, and was “blown away” by her response.

“Actually, she said, “Your stylist has been UNDER-CHARGING you.   You said that you get a shampoo, blow-dry and curl.  How many curls do you get?”

After collecting myself from what I considered a stupid question, I replied “As many as it takes for a simple style.”

“Well, that’s the problem.  A basic style includes only THREE curls.  Your stylist, being a master-stylist, charges $45 for more than three curls.”

“Let me get this straight!  You charge (master stylist) for a simple shampoo and blow-dry and three curls $26, a trim $14, conditioner $15, totaling $55.  Since I got more that three curls the basic style is $45, conditioner $15 and trim $14, totaling $74.00?”


“Wow!  You are too expensive for me!  In addition, your prices are not competitive with Macy’s.”  I can no longer afford to get my hair done at J.C. Penney!”

“I don’t set the prices, the corporate office does.”

“Wow, again! ”

(Shame on you for expecting a style to be more than three curls).

I googled J.C. Penney corporate officers to see who was scamming, I mean making the decisions to charge customers these prices.  I guess I am not familiar with what is going on in salons.  I had always felt that Penney’s is moderately priced.  How naive!  In my search I came across a blog to CEO Mike Ullman of J. C. Penney from someone telling him of a customer who had shoplifted something from one of their stores.  The customer felt guilty about it later, and mailed in a check for $22.  A copy of the check was included.  I applaud this customer.  A bit late, but nevertheless,  I give  credit for trying to remedy a mistake.

I raised the customer issue because I wonder how many salon customers feel like someone is shoplifting from them with the salon prices.  I know that is how I felt!

Are you a J.C. Penny salon customer?  Are you happy with the prices that you have been charged?  Please leave your comment.

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How Do You Measure Greatness?

I posed the question above  to a group of people and got various responses.  One response caused me to delve deeper  into the meaning of  greatness.  The person stated that “greatness” is immeasurable–that  it is only a perception of one’s thoughts.  And since each person’s thinking is influenced by his knowledge, experiences, and socialization, greatness is neither definable nor measurable.  I take the position that it is measurable.   Why do I believe so?  What kind of a yardstick am I using?

One definition by Webster states that “greatness” is that which is “superior in quality or character; noble.”   Who determines what is superior?   Superior qualities are those given to us by God–divine intelligence, compassion, humility, joy, peace, justice, equality, power, freedom and love.

Filling consciousness with these qualities  gives one  the ammunition to handle ignorance, selfishness, arrogance, sadness, disturbed thought, inequality, injustice and hate.  How are these measured?  Certainly not with human emotions, ideas and opinions, but with the yardstick of spirituality.  Those exhibiting spiritual qualities can see, hear and feel them in others.   These are not human perceptions, intelligence, and opinions, but divine revelations.

There is never a little spirit or a big spirit.  Spirit is spirit.  It is either present or absent.  Its presence is always abundance.  To measure it otherwise, would denounce its origin.  Greatness is the ever-presence and constancy of all that God creates.

Why does the world love Jesus?  He was certainly not wealthy, had no human royalty, and was not formerly educated.  Yet, no wisdom has surpassed his, no kingdom was greater, and the wealth of his being has not been paralleled.

Why is this so?  What makes mankind honor this man over 2000 years later?   It was his divine nature–the ever-presence of the Christ that he manifested.  He walked in humility, taught in parables, and demonstrated eternal life–life measured by faith, hope and love.  I believe that he was the greatest man who walked the face of the earth.  He taught us that his Father is also our Father.  To the extent that we believe him and practice his teachings, measures our greatness.

“Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised, and his greatness is unsearchable ” (Psalms 145:3).

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It was a chilly, windy, rainy day!  Someone had told me that there would be a “cancer walk” off the riverfront in Detroit.  My first thought was that no one would be there, so I did not have to go, but a sense of commitment over-powered the “trying-to-get-out-of-it” excuse, and I found myself speeding toward downtown.  I had not gotten the exact location or  start time, but I knew where the riverfront was, so I decided to make that my destination.

I arrived downtown,  parked my car, and went into the hotel entrance. As a seasoned  traveler,  I make it a habit to stop by information desks.   Leaning forward and peering deep into eyes of the uniformed guard sitting there, I asked the magic question, “Where is the cancer  walk being held?”   The guard sitting behind the desk knew nothing about a “cancer walk.”  As I was deciding what my next step would be, another guard appeared.  After talking to someone on her radio, she told me to follow her.  Within minutes, I was nearing the riverfront once more–but this time on foot.  As I was about to go through the door leading outside, I spied two police officers.  Having grown up at time when police officers were considered your friend,  I approached them with the belief that they would know where to direct me.  Bingo!  They knew!  “It is over there on Rivard Street about three blocks,” said one of them.

“Should I take my car?”

“Yes, it is quite a hike.”

Reluctantly, I opened the door and the wind welcomed me with a big gust!  It pushed and tugged at me as I tried to walk up the hill leading to the garage where my car sat.  Finally, I was seated in my warm car, fiercely tempted to head home.  Why was I putting myself through all of this?   A chance to display my book, The Unfolding of a Rose.”  After several minutes, I wheeled into the parking lot of “the place.”  I was glad to get there!  Long before I exited my car, I saw numerous pink shirts brightening up the dismal day.  A cheerful person gave me directions, but added, “I think it is over.”  It was!  The emcee was shouting out the last winning number of the auction.  Grasping my book tightly, I walked around where the  large crowd had been.  These ladies came out to support the “walk.”    Why?  Because today’s walk represented one of the most important walks of their lives–a walk through fear, pain and darkness.  A walk, though perhaps supported by family, each one took alone.  No one can share the depth of their experience, unless having lived it.   A walk my daughter had taken, but had chosen a different path–a path of faith, hope and God as the ultimate Physician.  In the final stages of her life, my daughter gave up man’s way of fighting cancer, and relied totally on God.  The book that I clutched in my hand told a story–her story!  It will touch the heart and soul of anyone suffering or had suffered from that dread disease, no matter the path that had been chosen.

On October 11th, I will give many breast cancer survivors an opportunity to read my daughter’s story at a book signing in a special boutique that meets the needs of so many women.  These woman are aware of the struggles, the doubts that must be overcome, and the courage it takes to wage a battle–a battle both physically and mentally.

The word “awareness” is one of the qualities of Soul.  Its deeper meaning goes far beyond mere physical observation, but an awareness of God’s grace, love and protection.  This awareness allows them to soar above the ills of the world on  “eagles wings”–wings of courage, strength and respect.  To all of the ladies who have made the trip through the deep valleys of pain and the mountains of fear, I salute you!

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Health Care: Do You Know What It Is?

The health care system in the United States has been broken for decades.  It reached epidemic status in the last few years when insurance companies, through aggressive lobbying of legislatures and Congress, are primarily determining the type of health care the American populace receives.  That is unless you are able to pay for non-covered care yourself.  Walking right beside them are drug companies.  Because of their greed, mental manipulation and mind control, they have raised the cost of a pill so high that many people choose between eating and purchasing  drug prescriptions. 

Town-hall meetings are becoming venues for fearful and angry citizens to strike out at those who are trying to fix health care.  Money, power, greed and manipulation are feeding these volatile emotions.  Comments of profanity and verbal abuse patrol the media and social media networks.  It is amazing what is allowed on some of them in the name of “freedom of speech” or apathy.  Where will it all end?

Mankind can and must re-define  health care.   True health care is a state of mind–not a condition of the physical body.  This mind begins with the recognition that there is only one mind governing man and the universe, and that  Mind is divine.   God is Mind.  Mind created everything out of Spirit, and Spirit has no diseased substance.  Therefore, the belief that man’s health can deteriorate is mortal thinking, which can be corrected by divine thinking.  Man is a spiritual being made to express all that God is.  Who came up  with the idea that medicine is needed to keep man healthy?    Mary Baker Eddy states that “It is recorded that the profession of medicine originated in idolatry with pagan priests, who besought the gods to heal the sick and designated Apollo as ‘the god of medicine.’  He was supposed to have dictated the first prescription . . . .  Hippocrates turned from image-gods to vegetable and mineral drugs for healing” (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 158).   Material medicine has been passed down throughout the ages as God’s modern way to heal.  God is unchangeable.  He is  neither young or old , nor does His ability to maintain His creation need an adjustment.  All that He makes is eternal.  Thus, His ways of healing, as demonstrated by Jesus, are just as effective today as they were then.   What is it that needs to change?  Our perception of what is true and untrue.  Health is maintained by daily doses of spirituality,  minute-by-minute rejections of fear, ignorance and sin.  These contribute to the disease that destroys mankind.   It is NEVER God’s will that man become cancer-stricken, diabetic or heart-attack bound.  These are all caused by generations of erroneous beliefs.  If mankind spent one-tenth of its time seeking direction from God instead of man, we would see a GREAT improvement in the health of mankind.

Let the divine manifestation of God speak to you each day, erase subtle suggestions of bitterness, anger, greed, fear, sorrow, envy, pride and a host of other evils, and your body will remain healthy.  How?  Because your body is your divine consciousness.





Walter Cronkite – “And That’s the Way It Was!”

I sat today watching, believing, trusting, and holding on to every word as I had done many times before–from  my earliest memories of television to today’s sophisticated blogs, twitters and videos.  As each person placed his experiences with Walter Cronkite in a mental book of respect, honor and humor, I began to ask myself what  was  it that made ME believe this man?  Was it his voice, his mannerisms, or the look in his eyes as he spoke?  No!  It was not what you saw, but what you felt!  You heard his story, and deep within, you knew it could be trusted.

There was no sensationalism, misrepresentation of the truth, or using words to foster a political agenda.  He reported the truth, not tried to MAKE the truth.

We sat at our dinner tables and waited for a picture of what happened, to come to us.  When it did, we accepted it.  Journalism of today, can take a lens out of the camera of Walter Cronkite’s picture of life.  Truth is not reached by keeping the ultimate meaning of justice in the eyes of the beholder, but by seeking a truth beyond human vision and understanding.  When you do this, you arrive at what the ultimate of truth is.  The challenge is to view every human situation, condition and experience with sincerity, honesty and integrity, even when these qualities seem illusive.

Cronkite lived from 1916 to 2009.  In those ninety-two years, he asked many questions, heard many answers and reported many stories.  His story is summed up in the words he used at the end of each broadcast, “and that’s the way it was.”  I say of this man, he personified “a truth weighed in wisdom ,” another way of saying the same thing.

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Woman Goes To Battle with Breast Cancer!

Today I read many stories of brave women who have gone to battle with breast cancer.  Some are surviving, others passed away and others have moved on , but left a legacy for the world.   The world is paralyzed with fear by this dread disease.  How do you overcome it?  Drugs, pills and surgery cannot touch the fear that eats away at one’ s confidence.   Physicians tell medicine discoveries, reveal past successes, and speak of research, but the world sees their loved ones dying daily.  How do you deal with it?  The one and only way to gain a sense of peace, hope and dominion over cancer is through divine understanding. 

This understanding gives your the sharp vision to stare death in the face, challenge fear, and claim one’s true identity.   I had to work through every emotional pain that death of a loved one brings when my daughter passed away from a diagnosis of breast cancer.  I tell this story in The Unfolding of a Rose–a book of faith, love and deep understanding of the word of God.  Many others are doing the same.  Take a look at the one below:


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