The Unfolding of the Life of Michael Jackson: A World Composition

A tiny bud–sturdy, strong, engaging!  We watched it open, peek out, and slowly unfold into a glowing leaf.  The first glance told us it was special!  We stared, held our breath, clapped our hands, and were introduced to the electrifying energy of  Michael Jackson!

Yesterday, he entered the grand theater of life, walked onto the largest stage,  and captivated an audience with the ultimate composition.  As I watched networks rush to put together “The Michael Jackson Story,”  I detected a common thread that ran through each one–show the good, the bad and the ugly.  I wondered why that had to be.  The voice of reason would say, “Well, you can’t tell a story unless you tell the WHOLE story.  I say, “I am not the voice of human logic, I am the voice of divine intelligence, and I can tell the whole story WITHOUT the bad and ugly.”  It all depends on one’s perception of  what the whole story is.  I say one’s life is defined by the divine qualities that he expresses.  Let’s take a look at Michael Jackson.

His harmonies opened the closed doors of racism, his melodies softened the hearts of mankind; he played the high and low notes of life, and moon-walked across the measures of childlike trust.  Sometimes there was dissonance in the demonstration of his music, but show me a song in everyone’s life that does not have discordant notes.  As we go forth with our storytelling, let us remember, “everyone has a story, even you!”

To the family of Michael Jackson, I say, I feel your grief, hear your pain, and see your tears.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you to support, sustain and love.







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