Getting My Hair Done at J.C. Penny Hair Salon

Do you get your hair done at a J.C. Penney Hair Salon?  I did until last night.

Here’s the deal:  Two weeks ago I went to my stylist, got the same basic style which the price list says cost $26.00, a conditioner that cost $15.00 with an added trim that cost $14.00.  Instead of costing $55.00, I was charged $69.00.  I called my stylist and was told an adjustment would be made at my next visit.  However, when I arrived, I was told that I did not have an appointment.  When asked why, the receptionist had no idea.  I went to my stylist and SHE did not know why.  The next day I called the manager, explained the situation, and was “blown away” by her response.

“Actually, she said, “Your stylist has been UNDER-CHARGING you.   You said that you get a shampoo, blow-dry and curl.  How many curls do you get?”

After collecting myself from what I considered a stupid question, I replied “As many as it takes for a simple style.”

“Well, that’s the problem.  A basic style includes only THREE curls.  Your stylist, being a master-stylist, charges $45 for more than three curls.”

“Let me get this straight!  You charge (master stylist) for a simple shampoo and blow-dry and three curls $26, a trim $14, conditioner $15, totaling $55.  Since I got more that three curls the basic style is $45, conditioner $15 and trim $14, totaling $74.00?”


“Wow!  You are too expensive for me!  In addition, your prices are not competitive with Macy’s.”  I can no longer afford to get my hair done at J.C. Penney!”

“I don’t set the prices, the corporate office does.”

“Wow, again! ”

(Shame on you for expecting a style to be more than three curls).

I googled J.C. Penney corporate officers to see who was scamming, I mean making the decisions to charge customers these prices.  I guess I am not familiar with what is going on in salons.  I had always felt that Penney’s is moderately priced.  How naive!  In my search I came across a blog to CEO Mike Ullman of J. C. Penney from someone telling him of a customer who had shoplifted something from one of their stores.  The customer felt guilty about it later, and mailed in a check for $22.  A copy of the check was included.  I applaud this customer.  A bit late, but nevertheless,  I give  credit for trying to remedy a mistake.

I raised the customer issue because I wonder how many salon customers feel like someone is shoplifting from them with the salon prices.  I know that is how I felt!

Are you a J.C. Penny salon customer?  Are you happy with the prices that you have been charged?  Please leave your comment.


36 thoughts on “Getting My Hair Done at J.C. Penny Hair Salon

  1. I have been receiving salon services a JCP for 15 years and I was satisfied with the salon prices until now. For me to get the service that I usually receive I would now have to start paying from $90 to $112 per visit which is every 2 weeks. I was told that it now cost $40 in addition to your service price if you choose to have your hair styled with the Chi flat Iron for a straight style. Hair color is $55 and it washes out after the first wash. All hair color is the same price I was told. I don’t know what JC Penny’s new deal is but in a bad economy this deal is not for me.

  2. OMG- on 7/29/2011 I decided to have my hair colored at our local JCP salon because I was low on funds and I could use my JCP charge to have it done. My hair is super short-I had just had it cut elsewhere about a month earlier so it was still pretty short when I wanted the color.I told the stylist that I just didn’t want anything dark and she said how about a reddish color and some highlights. I stupidly said sure not knowing how much each thing cost.I left the salon w $150.00 on my charge!!!!! The breakdown was- $14.00 to trim my neck hair, $58.00 for highlights (about 4-5) $63.00 for the one process color,and I left the requisite 15% tip.I was floored to say the least but have to say at least I got a lot of compliments. This said I once again went back this past Sat-9/27 to have my roots done and get a cut and this time it was 105.00. My hair is almost Mia Farrow short- I know I was taken for a ride but since it turned out so well the first time I was afraid to go elsewhere and screw it up- even the haircut she gave me Sat was good. I had no idea there were ” master Stylists” as opposed to regular stylists- they do not wear name tags to tell you this.So if you call for an appt and they assign you a non Master Stylist does that mean you will come out looking like you went to a hairdressing school?
    My friend and her husband both have haircuts dye job blow dry etc at another salon and it costs only $90.00 for both !!!! So glad I saw your post- I am going to bite the bullet and look elsewhere for my next appt.Just on principal. I saw a lot of customers there that didn’t look to me as though they could afford this scam (elderly) can’t believe they are paying these outrageous prices!!!!! Thanks for the blog

    1. Thanks for sharing.

      I found a wonderful hairdresser! She takes very good care of my hair, prices are MUCH lower and I get great compliments and results. Keep looking, you will find someone.

  3. I’m unemployed and have been paying $26. for a wash and cut. I dry and style my hair myself. A few months ago I was told that the salon policy has changed and to cut my hair must include a wash, cut, blow dry and style. The total cost is $36.00 now.
    When I was employed I didn’t mind paying for color, perm, what ever I needed. But now I’m cutting corners and JC Pennys new policy won’t let me.
    On a positive note, my conditioner I usually but elsewhere cost $17. and change. At JC Pennys it’s being sold for $13. and change.

    1. I have tried several different salons and some are more than JCP. now if u want blow dry that is extra. If your hair is long more to blow dry, want curls, extra for longer hair than short hair, dye one color less expensive, two colors more expensive. Waxing is higher than it was, then u have to add a tip. Who can afford a tip now. When it is going to end up for hair and waxing 150 the now expected tip is 20%, another $30, that is my electricity bill a month. However when u call Penneys they can’t even give u a price, they need to look at your hair first. An aside, be happy u don’t live in Singapore, I was there visiting my daughter and to just get my hair dyed was 550 in American money, my daughter paid for it, so things are ridiculous all over the world and getting worse.

    2. JC Penney IS A RIP-OFF with OVER CHARGES!!!

      JC Penney needs price reconstructions..ASAP

      Before they lose ALL their customers!

  4. I too fell into the JCPenney salon trap. I made an appointment and selected a hair cut and color. My total bill exceeded $120. I was shocked. I am used to getting the same services for around $70 at another – actually a high end salon! I thought I would be getting a bargain by going to JC Penney.

  5. I was going to JC Penney hair salon, but they are just too expensive for me. I paid $85.00 for a trim and color only on the roots. Its crazy! I found E Salon and I can dye my hair myself every 6 weeks ( or however often I want) for $20.00!!! I’m not going back to JCP, they used to be reasonable but not anymore.

    1. I wouldn’t go back to JCP or advise anyone to go there to have anything done to their hair- not unless they settle the cost right up front- but they don’t seem to want to do that ! They know they are outrageously overpriced !!!!!!!

  6. While we’re on the subject, I have to laugh at JCP’s new commercial- Free haircuts for kids in August ! Yeah and if your child loves the cut and wants to go back it’ll probably be 50 dollars !!!!!

  7. I’ve only been there once – they charged $55 for an all over color – you do have to look at their prices as they are based on how much experience your stylist has and you can ask for the lowest price. They did constantly try to get me to add on more (trim, deep condition, etc) but I stood firm and said no – I was just there for a color. I went from a darker blonde to a lighter blonde. She did a beautiful job on the color and said she used 4 tubes because I have long, thick hair. Most places charge extra for using extra color but they have one flat rate so it’s good if you have long, thick hair. She said the color will fade if your shampoo or conditioner contains alcohol. I’ve been using Suave since having it done and the color is still there.
    I’ll be going back again to get it touched up and maybe cut.
    My only complaints would be the number of kids allowed to freely roam about but they were doing their free haircuts so hopefully that won’t be the case next time. When blow drying my hair the stylist asked if I’d like my hair straightened or wavy. I told her to just let it wave like it naturally does, but she put product in and kind of scrunched it – I didn’t like that result but once I left there, I brushed it out and it looked fine.

  8. Love Turquoise at jcp salon Rolling Oaks in SAT! Since stylist are now commissioned (i.e. waitress salary), there is an incentive for them to provide awesome styles, pull in more customers, and CONVINCE CUSTOMERS TO RETURN. Jcp administration’s tactics are running the business into the ground by not realizing the importance of returning customers. No matter how great their stylist, like Turquoise, they are doomed in terms of success(returning customers) at jcp. Now that I understand the ‘3-curl’ rule pricing, I will return and make some adjustments to continue to provide business for my wonderful stylist. Work with us jcp, WORK WITH US!!!

  9. I will never go back for a shampoo and curls…Didn’t know they charged by the curl…Who ever heard of this???Sorry I didn’t ask price because have had it done, same thing a few years ago lots cheaper at JCP…About $20 verses $32 today….My hairdresser charges $15 for the same thing and always a trim on neck or whatever, no charge….Seniors should get a break…Don’t you think?

    1. I am a current jcp stylist and iv never heard of a three curl rule and the stories on here are shocking. I work in se arkansas and I do neck trims and children’s bang cuts for free and my highest service is a 2 color process like dark with blonde with a cut and blowdry and that’s 100.00 flat I am mid level stylist which is named a senior. And iv done hair longer then some master stylist u are moved up by the amout of jcp hair classes u take. So if u get a low level stylist it don’t mean she is fresh out of school or bad at her job. Its embarrassing to read some of these outrageous comments. But I guess things are different in other states. I’m oroud of our salon I have aeveral return clients and our store is #1 in our district.

  10. I have had similar experiences as all of you. Each time I get my hair done, it is a different price. My last visit, I paid $175 plus a sizeable gratuity! When speaking to the manager, she stated that my stylist had also been under charging me. Now mind you, I have not gotten anything different. In addition, the wait time is ridiculous! I waited on three different visits between 2-3 hours to see my stylist. Yes, she does a great job but I don’t think I will be returning. It’s just not worth it. Hardly anyone speaks to you while you are there and they don’t offer you anything during your wait time. Good luck to you ‘die hard customers’ who put up with such lousy customer service.

  11. Why not patronize a local independent stylist….A small business owner will do her/his best to make you happy…..At one point in my career, I too worked in the chain salons…believe me when I say most chains hire anyone to fill the chair..They do provide education as you go, but it still dosent make them a good stylist.. Anyone who will put up with crazy pricing and awful customer service, deserves exactly what they get…Do yourself a favor patronize the small business…Thank you for your time 🙂

  12. OMG, I visit my local JCP salon once a week, due to my hair being natural. I have yet to experience the terrible customer service, sorry for those that have I’m sure a talk with a manager or corporate would solve that problem. Prices are high, but I endure because I simply love my stylist she takes very good care of my hair and since I relocated from NY I have not found a trusting stylist except her. So therefore; I must bite the bullet every week. I have went to local beauty shops and have received bad services, so it does not matter where you go, but simply who you go to; we must be careful of who is grooming us. Also the products that are used in our hair makes a great deal of difference. I know JCP uses top products and that is another reason why the prices are higher. For those that have problems and no previous experience with the stylists or shop, I would take some time and watch the stylists wherever you go, then make a decision who you want to groom you. I don’t just hop in anyone’s chair. On our main subject, of pricing maybe we can get together and fight to bring down the cost of JCP hair care. Whoever is in let’s make a move I’m ready. Sitting here complaining about between ourselves won’t change much; but if you like the hair care you receive at JCP, maybe we can do something to get some changes made. Hit a sister up. Love Is Love!

  13. I think it is ridiculous that stylists at the same shop can charge higher prices for the same services done by other stylists. If you go to the doctor in the same office, you would be billed the same price, it doesn’t matter that one doctor is board certified and the other is not! I think JC Penny cooperate is cheap and rather them pay their stylists more, they allow the customer to pay for it! I really liked my stylist at Penny but I found a place with far more reasonable charges and a POSTING OF CHARGES! #nosurprisesatcheckout!

  14. I will never go back to JC Penney Salon again. Their prices are the highest in town! I paid $30 more today than I did last time. Never again!!!!

  15. Well, I have loved the way my stylist at JCP has done my hair…both cut and color. But I can’t go back anymore because what I was charged last time is way out of the ballpark for me. I’m a senior citizen and most of us don’t have the means to pay what I was charged. My hairdresser is very good. Perhaps she’s even the best I’ve ever had. But to be charged $120 and then having to leave a tip on top of that, is ridiculous for someone my age. You don’t have a senior citizen discount. I’m not going back. I will have to find someone else to do my hair.

    1. That is why this article was written. JC Penny is destroying the relationship the hairdressers have with customers. I liked my hairdresser also, but they are at the mercy of the managers and the managers are at the mercy of corporate JC Penny. It’s time we stop “lining their pockets.”

    2. Yes – ridiculous prices – just used them a few times because I have an account but they are out of my ball park 😞

  16. I have been a loyal, weekly salon customer for the past 4 yrs. I am an AA woman with natural hair that I get shampooed and pressed. Up until last year I paid $36 for a shampoo, hot comb press, and style. The entire service takes approximately one hour to complete. In February 2015 I received a call from the salon a few hours before my appt informing me that I had not been paying the correct price. For two years I have paid $36. The new price would become $65.00. I was told that natural hair takes more time among other reasons for the price increase. I feel JCP’s salon prices are discriminatory. The price for non-AA hair services are less.

  17. Yesterday I went for a simple trim of my hair’s ends. My hair was wet from a fresh home shampoo. The master stylist asked me what I had done to my hair as if it were something outlandish because I had stopped having my hair shampooed and styled at JC Penny because it has been causing intense scalp itch for over a year. She didn’t put any styling products in my hair, nor did she tell me I would have to pay extra for a blow dry.

    There hadn’t been enough time to dry my hair at home. (I am 65 years old, medically retired, raising my daughter’s child who has autism, and and a host of other medical issues). I make it clear that I had to be thrifty as the State doesn’t help with my grandson’s needs. To make the story shorter, I’ve been a loyal client of the stylist for six years, but never a courtesy offering any type. Yesterday I expected to pay $35 for a simple trim but got charged $45 because of the blow dry, which I thought was part of the haircut. I am going to find a place that is more up front with their prices and occasionally provides an actual courtesy!

    1. I am so sorry to hear how you were treated. I think finding another place for your hair needs is a good idea. Integrity seemingly, is missing from your experience. Good luck!

  18. Well. I was going to try JCP Salon, but after reading all these comments, not a snowball’ s chance in hell.

  19. I’m a master stylist at jcpenneys and have been for 11 years. Our prices are very close to our competitors, if not lower. We always offer specials on our services and our products.

    We have special events for back to school or for our service men and women. Every time we cut someone a break they expect it every time. May I add we don’t get paid hourly we get paid commission, so when we discount it comes from our check that we take home. I’ll be the first one to tell you up front what the cost will be because it’s part of our consultation. If you can’t afford it we can figure out another route to go to achieve what you desire, it may not be all in the same day. We always put our customers first. I’m sorry some of you are not happy with the prices.

    As a salon we continue our education and training and we work hard to keep everyone happy. We have levels set, if you think a master’s to high we have our seniors and designers that are more than happy to help you. Please remember in any job you get a raise, so when our price goes up remember that’s part of our raise. Thank you

    1. Thank you for the response . . . as a JC Penny hair stylist, we expect the viewpoint you have given. However, as customers, many feel your store practices border on being unethical to taking advantage of people. It is all about the money . . . .

      Having used numerous hair dressers and salons over the years, statements made by one of your managers, and practices at several of your stores, I would not visit a JC Penny salon again unless drastic changes have been made. You have and will continue to lose customers unless you do as you said, “Put customers first.” In the past, you have not done so. Also, some of the stylists fear for their jobs, so they have to do what the managers tell them to do.

      I was in a Troy, Michigan salon a week ago to pay for a hair product on a Friday evening and the salon was empty. You have either priced people out of the market or the salon had had an over-whelming good day and everybody had left. I choose the former.

      Further, I have spoken with stylists who left JC salons because of the salon policies and practices.

      Good luck to you. Thanks again for responding!

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